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Road Accident Fund Attorneys

Note: It is important to contact our Road Accident Fund attorneys as soon as possible. Preferably, before filing your claim.

Were you or a loved one hurt in a road accident due to no fault of your own? You can reach a settlement to compensate for pain and suffering through the Road Accident Fund. You can also claim for loss of income or ability to support your family as a result of an accident. The fund also covers funeral expenses.

Settlements can be from thousands to millions of Rands.

Although this fund was created to benefit victims of road accidents, the laws implemented in 2008 around claims and who can claim do restrict South Africans from using this service to their full benefit.


Expect expert guidance from our Road Accident Fund Attorneys

Many people’s claims are unsuccessful or come with long delays when they don’t understand the process. Therefore, our experience in personal injury law can save you a lot of time and make a success of your claim.

Your attorney will follow the correct processes and set out a plan of action you can rely on. After all, De Waal Inc. has over 90 years of collective experience in South African law.


The process

Contact us and one of our expert road accident fund attorneys will get back to you.

You and your attorney will fill out a form stipulating all the necessary information: Your details, your medical report, your police report, as well as the details of the vehicles and the other parties involved. You also need the correct date and place.

The driver of the other vehicles involved and all witnesses also have to fill out a form for the Road Accident Fund. Your attorney can guide you through all these steps to complete the claim.

From there, the Road Accident Fund will assess the claim and revert if they need more information.

It is important to contact our road accident fund attorneys as soon as possible, as claims have to be seen to within a certain time frame.

Our attorneys can get you results in the shortest time possible. You can expect to be helped in a friendly and efficient manner. Don’t hesitate to contact our competent attorneys today.

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